Water Mitigation & Repair

We're here to help!

When disaster strikes, we work with you (and your insurance, if applicable) to assess the damage and develop a comprehensive plan. 

First step in the process it to extract the water, then we can begin to restore your home to it’s best condition. We not only provide the initial mitigation services, but we also monitor for mold and other damages caused by water. 

In the event of a water loss, your first step as a home owner is to shut off the water. If you can see the location of the leak, turn off the water at the source. If it's a burst pipe, your best bet is to turn off the water at that main!
After the water is off, call WVR. 

Our crew is available 24/7!

Storms, floods, and faulty plumbing are a few of the culprits behind most water damage claims. The long term effects of water damage can impact the safety of your home or business, and the long term value of your property. 

Services Provided

Water Mitigation

Extraction of water and dry out.

Water Damage Restoration

Restoring flooring, walls, and other surfaced damaged by water.

Flood Damage Restoration

Repairing extensive water damage to framing/structure of property.

Black Water Clean-Up

Water created by sewage back up and leaks.

Leak Detection

Using top-of-the-line equipment, we can detect leaks without visible evidence.

Contents Restoration

The inventory logging and restoration of any belongings damaged by water.



How to shut off water from the main

This main is located in the front of your property near the street. It's in-ground, so you may have to clear away debris to locate it and open the lid. 

Open the lid, locate the Customer's Hand Valve and turn it 1/4 turn. You should see the water meter stop running.
Then - Call WVR for assistance. 


When to call for assistance

Sometimes, if a leak is caught quickly and the source is repaired, it's might be possible to dry it out yourself. 

However, the longer water sits, and the more is seeps into cracks - the more damage it causes.
When in doubt, call WVR.  

*If you dry it out yourself, PLEASE MONITOR FOR MOLD GROWTH*


Our mitigation process

Professional water extraction techniques are used to remove moisture from damaged walls, floors and crawl spaces without causing further damage to your home. We combine advanced dehumidification techniques with professional drying equipment to get you back into your home or office in a timely and efficient manner. 

We utilize moisture readers, infrared imaging and years of experience to ensure our mitigations are thorough, and done right the first time!