Rain, and Wind, and Ice - Oh my!

Oregon is known for it's fickle weather behavior. 

We at WVR are at our best, when Mother Nature brings her worst.  Being a full-service disaster restoration contractor means that  we  will manage the process, from start to finish. 

We restore more than just peace of mind...


Storm Damage



Strong winds can cause substantial destruction to the siding and roof of your property. Missing shingles, fallen fences,  and damaged siding are common after a rough storm. 

High winds can also pose a threat to nearby trees, resulting in damage from fallen branches- or even entire trees.




Oregon is known for it's excessive rainfall, but when it does go to the next level - liquid sunshine can wreak havoc on your property. 

Overloaded gutters, leaks, and flooding - are some of the the most common damage caused by extensive rainfall. 



As the ice storm of 2017 proved to us, the freezing fog & rain combo can spell disaster! Downed trees, burst pipes, and weighed down gutters caused significant damage throughout Oregon. 

WVR was working tirelessly around the clock to remove branches and repair roofs, restore damage and clear debris.