Fire & Smoke Damage


After the devastation of a fire, you need the services of WVR to reduce your losses and recover as much as possible. 

We combine the use of state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, along with meticulous care, to ensure that your property and belongings are restored to the highest degree possible. 

The First 24 Hours ...

The first 24 hours are pivotal. A rapid response is key for halting the ongoing damage caused by the soot and fumes.  Our expert field technicians will arrive at your location quickly, assess and inspect the extent of the fire damage, and provide any temporary board-up services necessary. 

How we work

Here at WVR, we put our customers first. Your Project Manager and office team will work with your insurance provider to make the restoration process as smooth as possible. We will submit the estimate and all documents needed to your insurance, and keep you in the loop- every step of the way. 

Fire Restoration FAQs


There's no fire damage, but I still smell smoke?

In situations like a small kitchen fire or simply just burned food, "Protein Smoke" can be released. There is little to no visible evidence, but a strong odor penetrates most surfaces including : walls/ceilings/flooring/furniture/belongings. 

What do I need to do after a fire?

After the fire is extinguished and the danger is gone, call WVR. We will send out a crew to do any temporary repairs needed to get you through, until the restoration process can begin.

How can you help me after a fire?

When you call WVR, the restoration process begins. We can provide a Contents Restoration service to pack/clean/salvage as many belongings as possible. After the pack out is completed, the crews will begin the clear out and rebuilding process. Our goal is always to restore the property to pre-loss condition, and better!

How much damage can you repair?

WVR can do it all. We handle everything from minor smoke clean-up, to total loss rebuilds.